UNIB celebrates the awarding of degrees to students from Ecuador who received scholarships from FUNIBER

June 10, 2024
Entrega de títulos UNIB

The Eloy Alfaro Civic Center Theater, located in Guayaquil, Ecuador, was the setting for the recent award ceremony organized by the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana de Puerto Rico (UNIB). 

The ceremony was organized in collaboration with the Universidad Europea del Atlántico (UNEATLANTICO) and the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana de México (UNINI Mexico) for 279 Ecuadorian scholarship recipients who have completed their online graduate studies through the scholarship plan of the Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER).

Enrique Espinel Maila, Executive Director of FUNIBER in Ecuador, Dr. Roberto Ruiz Salces, Secretary General and Vice Rector of International Relations of UNEATLANTICO, and Dr. Daniel Gavilanes Aray, Director of the FUNIBER Technology Center. Also present were Angie García Macías, FUNIBER's financial coordinator, and Néstor Petraccaro Guerrero, UNEATLANTICO's representative in the country. 

The event was attended by guests of honor, such as Ms. Evelyn Jiménez Solís, academic coordinator of the Nuevo Milenio Educational Unit, Lic.  Magdalena Herrera, counselor of the second and third baccalaureate of the Javier Educational Unit, Mgr. Patricia Benalcázar, director of the School of Good Governance and Training, and Licda. Vanessa Terán Torres, coordinator of FUNIBER's Academic Secretariat in Ecuador. 

Dr. Roberto Ruiz addressed the new professionals to express his gratitude for the trust placed in the Foundation. He also congratulated them for completing an important stage of their lives, demonstrating discipline and perseverance. Likewise, the rectors of each of the universities sent an emotional message of encouragement to the graduates.

The graduates were represented by Mayra Alejandra Dillon Jaramillo, who obtained a Master in Mediation and Conflict Resolution at UNEATLANTICO. During her speech, she highlighted the work of the faculty, emphasizing the fundamental role they play during the educational process. In addition, he thanked FUNIBER for facilitating an education of excellence through its Scholarship Program

This ceremony reflects UNIB's commitment to the formation of competent leaders. It also symbolizes the culmination of years of dedication and perseverance of the students, who are ready to face new professional and academic challenges.