Academic Counseling: the academic counseling assesses the interests, abilities, and limitations that may be displayed by the student. This is in order to establish a support plan and corresponding action. Through the educational planning, what we are looking for is that the student can successfully achieve their goals.

Individual counseling: There are situations that may affect the student, this is why we offer the student the opportunity to express the concerns that may interfere with their performance. By using this service, the student's needs are assessed and provided with alternatives for action. Confidentiality is maintained at all times in the process. If an emergency action is required, the necessary protocol will be provided.

Those students who need professional counseling service may request it through your virtual environment or PANAL. Similarly, the student can communicate to the University via telephone and request an appointment. The counseling services will not be limited to emails but also include -if necessary- the use of various technological tools for virtual communication and support to contact person. The individual counseling services are confidential, to care for the counselor and student privilege.