Registrar Division

The Registrar’s Division is responsible for protecting the academic records of the students. The academic records include required admission documents and documents related to the students academic background, including credit transcripts from the source institutions.

Privacy Policy to Protect the Information in the Academic Records (Ferpa Law)

Regarding records privacy, the University complies with the provisions of the Buckley Amendment (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended). This federal law protects the privacy of the student’s educational records and establishes their rights for inspection of their records.

Registry services work following an integrated management model, which will offer a better student service and better client satisfaction allowing them to access their academic and administrative information in real time from the Internet.

Other services offered are enrollment, changes, re-admissions, course recognition, grades, diplomas hand in, credit transcripts, graduation certificates, student services and, academic calendars, among others.

The student can request the following documents through the Registrar’s Division:

  • Pre-Degree certificate (pre-degree)
  • Enrollment Certificate
  • Credit Transcript
  • Diploma Processing
  • Certificate of Completion