Educational Methodology

The educational model promotes the collaboration and cooperation between nations to enrich individual's formation, providing a model that provides effective results in relation with assumed educative investments versus the return in knowledge formation and personal and organizational learning. All of this is due to UNINI's educational model which provides a high quality global experience.

The learning model is composed of many educational and pedagogical innovations that facilitate, strengthen and drive a formative process of learning-to-learn in an environment of high quality learning. It has the objective of:

  • Facilitating contact between students, faculty and both groups between each other.
  • Encourage cooperation or reciprocity: learning is like a collective effort.
  • Consider the student as a center of the process in which he actively participates.
  • Stimulate and strengthen a continuous communication and interaction between professors and students.
  • Instill that the formation process implicates and requires temporary dedication and continuous effort.
  • Use motivation as a constant stimulation therefore students perceive that expected results of learning are achievable.
  • Personalize learning, keeping in mind the differences between students and their different ways of learning.