Library Services

Our Library counts with a professional of great educative experience, besides skills and abilities in information and technology services to assist students and professors.

UNIB’s virtual library has information relevant to teaching and learning of its programs and use diverse resources to back up our courses. It offers its users: web links, documents, books, thesis and dissertations, scientific magazines, among free and/or paid content options according with the need.

Services offered by the library:

  • Consult the librarian
  • Subject reading
  • Scientific magazines
  • Search engines and portals to other libraries
  • Thesis and dissertations
  • Electronic consultation
  • User formation

With the purpose of extending the offer of search and management of information, UNIB has also subscribed to the consultation service to data bases of bibliographical information of complete texts, e-books and Discovery service of EBSCO Information Services.

Description of the resources offered

Academic Search Complete

Academic Search Complete is the most complete and useful database for complete multidisciplinary books of its kind. It includes more than 9,100 magazine titles and complete text books and around 7,900 arbitrary publications while offering more indexes and resumes of more than 13,690 periodic and diverse publications, which include monographies, reports and conferences. The data base presents PDF content that dates back to 1887. It includes information in the areas of: Basic Sciences, Engineering, Architecture and Technology, Agro and Sea Sciences, Education, Social Science, Humanities and more.

Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete contains the main collection of complete texts and bibliographic registries of the most prestigious and used academic publications in the administrative and economic areas.

This data base includes complete texts for more than 3,850 magazines of which 2,006 are arbitrary. This data base also includes complete texts for 917 books, 2,530 market research reports, and 1,446 reports on the economic performance of countries, amongst others.

Education Source

A great research for the study of education, this bibliographic and complete text data base covers scientific research and the information to satisfy the education needs of students, professionals and political officials. Education Source was developed based on a fusion of data bases from EBSCO and H.W. Wilson, and includes many unique sources that were not available previously. This source of information offers the biggest and most complete collection in the world of educational publications for complete books, and covers an ample international range of magazines, monographies, annuals and much more. Offers bibliographic registers for thousands of publications and complete texts for more than 1,800 magazine titles, more than 550 books, monographies and hundreds of conference reports.

Fuente Académica Premier

It is a multidisciplinary database with information from prestigious periodicals produced in the Spanish language. This is a collection of high academic relevance that provides information in all areas of knowledge, namely, the social sciences, humanities, education, computer science, engineering, linguistics, art and literature, medical sciences, ethnic studies and law. The more than 850 periodicals and 30 books in full text, included in the Fuente Académica, are produced by the publishers of the most prestigious universities and research centers of the Hispanic world and represent the most important results of the region’s research efforts. Amongst other prestigious periodical publications there appears: Annual of International Law (University of Navarra), APORTES: Mexican Magazine about the Studies of the Pacific Basin (University of Colima), CEMLA Bulletin (Latin American Monetary Studies Center), Veterinary Sciences (University of Pampa), Communication and Society (University of Guadalajara), Literature Workbooks (Pontifical University Javeriana-Colombia), Social Sciences Journal (FLACSO), Perspectives on Policy, the Economy and Management (University of Chile), Development Problems: Latin American Magazine of Economy (Autonomous University of Mexico), Psykhe (Catholic Pontifical University of Chile), Accounting and Finance Magazine (University of Sao Paulo), International Journal of Social Security (Blackwell Publishing), CEPAL Magazine (United Nations Publications), amongst others.


GreenFILE offers information from reliable research on all of the aspects of human impact in the environment. Counts upon a collection of titles from such sources as academic, governmental, and general interests on global warming, ecological construction, sustainable agriculture pollution, renewable energy, recycling, and many more. This database provides indexing and resumes of more than 384,000 records, in addition to open access to full text for more than 4,700 records.

Library Information Science & Technology Abstracts

(LISTA) indexes more than 560 fundamental publications, approximately 50 primary publications and around 125 selected publications, apart from books, research paper and reports. The topic coverage includes librarianship, classifications, cataloging, bibliometrics, collection of online information, information management, etc. The database coverage goes back to the mid-1960s.