PHotoFUNIBER'24 International Photography Competition announces winners

June 10, 2024
concurso PHotoFUNIBER

The selected photographs can be viewed on the contest website: PHotoFUNIBER'24.

The PHotoFUNIBER International Photography Contest, organized by the Ibero-American University Foundation (FUNIBER), the European University of the Atlantic, the International University of Cuanza (UNIC), the International Ibero-American University (UNINI Mexico), the International University Foundation of Colombia (UNINCOL), the University of La Romana (UNIROMANA) and the International Ibero-American University (UNIB), has come to an end.

The contest was organized within the framework of the Cultural Work of FUNIBER and UNEATLANTICO, which seeks to promote, disseminate and value art and creativity.

Congratulations to the winners!

Since the public vote, we received votes from 3,680 people. The most voted photo was See you someday, Dad, by Rui Miguel Pereira Santos, from Portugal, with 629 votes.

In addition to the voting by public votes, we have the Jury of Honor, formed by photographers of recognized prestige, which has defined as the winner of the jury's prize the photograph Ojima and the rain, by Antonio Jesús Pérez Gil, from Spain.

"In the photograph, Ojima's posture conveys emotion as she seems to jump for joy in the rain, which leads us to imagine the freedom and pleasure of playing. It is also a photograph that avoids stereotypes, with a close and affectionate look to the portrayed. We also see a story behind, when children can be seen watching the scene from a door", argued the jury about the decision.

The jury also chose the six special awards (two for FUNIBER scholarship recipients, two for undergraduate students from the Universidad Europea del Atlántico and two for students from the Universidade Internacional do Cuanza).

In addition, two honorable mentions were awarded to the photographs Rocotuyoc, by Juan Ulloa Osorio and A Puxada de Rede, by Genildo Ronchi.

Special awards
In the special awards, the winners were:

FUNIBER Special Award:

  • A light in the sky and then came the water, Veronica Elizabeth Benitez Campagna
  • Águas Patagônicas Contemplativas, Izilene Conceição Amaro Ewald


  • Urban Oasis, Barzilai Espinosa Torales
  • Water cleanliness, Teresa Bear Sierra

UNIC Special Award:

  • Fonte de água (Cajombó), Teodardo Candimba
  • If water is life, caring for water is preserving life, Miguel Kangeno

The organization of PHOTOFUNIBER'24 would like to thank all the participants of this edition: the Jury of Honor, the authors of the participating photographs and the people who voted for their favorite image.

We hope that talent and creativity can always find spaces for expression and encouragement, and we look forward to seeing you in the next edition!