Master in Education with a Specialty in Teacher Training

Master's Degree in Education with Specialization in Teacher Training
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The Master in Education with a Specialty in Teacher Training is focused on training the teacher in a way that the current educative challenges presented in the execution of teaching can be addressed in complex and changing contexts of different levels of education. The teacher plays a fundamental role in the development of quality educative processes, and this master aims to offer specialized, updated, and multidimensional didactic training, which allows it to achieve this purpose.


General Outcomes

  • Offer a wide and updated education, and provide the basis for the development of academic and professional skills needed for teaching in any of the different contexts of teaching-learning that may be given.
  • Establish the professional practice in the current knowledge, in new or little know environments of education; provide ideas regarding the nature of teaching and learning in general; and develop the necessary competencies, knowledge, skills, and practical resources to complete this theoretical basis.
  • Stimulate the critical reflection for a good theoretical education and its necessary practical application, a fundamental field of action; develop good judgment, good decision-making, and problem-solving; and provide tools of scientific investigation for the referenced contribution in innovative or current topics of the teacher training.

Specific Outcomes

At the end of the program, students will be capable of:

  • Identify basic concepts related with the syllabus and critically analyze its different approaches (thematic, learning, or competencies contents) and the different stages of the construction of a curricular proposal.
  • Plan and evaluate learning processes, taking into account the teaching-learning context , the methodological approach, class plans, and the interests, needs, and styles of learning of the students.
  • Identify the different types of evaluation and select the most suitable tools to evaluate the students' process of learning.
  • Distinguish the different teaching-learning methodologies and the didactic techniques from each one.
  • Select and apply suitable teaching-learning techniques for the achievement of the learning objectives established in a determined educative context.
  • Identify and apply the criteria of design, adaptation and evaluation of didactic resources according to the needs of learning of a concrete educative context.
  • Design or adapt didactic materials and build tools to evaluate them.
  • Identify the characteristics of methodological approach “Content and language integrated learning (CLIL)” and value its application in a determined educative context.
  • Design didactic proposals in the CLIL approach.

Target Audience

University graduates in any area of knowledge that are dedicated or wish to work in teaching and want to receive specific and specialized training related to the educative processes of teaching and learning, with special emphasis in personalized educative models and where the methodological innovation is promoted.


The maximum time which is available to take the program is 24 months. The credit structure of Master in Education with a Specialty in Teacher Training is the following:

Core: 34 credits

Electives: 13 credits

Required: 13 credits

The student will accomplish a minimum of 60 credits.




FP101 Learning theories and methodological approaches in education N/A 3
FP102 Strategic learning and professional development N/A 3
FP087 Learning factors N/A 3
FP079 Tutoring action in the education system N/A 3
FP077 ICT in classroom. Educational applications and use of resources N/A 3
FP078 Interculturality and education N/A 3
FP080 Conflict solution and transformation in the educational environment N/A 3
FP084 Environment education in formal education N/A 3
FP103 Fundamentals of special education: Processes of attention to diversity N/A 3
FP104 Organization and management of educational centers N/A 3
FP092 Methodology of scientific research N/A 3
FP105 Portfolio I N/A 1


FP111 Analysis of technological resources and design of creative activities N/A 3
FP106 Curricular design, programming and outcome development N/A 3
FP090 Learning evaluation N/A 3
FP107 Classroom learning methodologies N/A 3
FP088 Creation, adaptation and evaluation of materials N/A 2
FP091 Content and language integrated learning N/A 2
FP108 Portfolio II N/A 1
FP116 Portfolio III N/A 2
FPEEE01 Master's Final Project (MFP) Must complete 50% of the credits and FP092 10


Diagrama de Flujo para la Maestría en Educación con Especialidad en Formación del Profesorado


After approving the courses and the Master's Thesis, and satisfying any other academic, administrative, and economic necessity expected and required by the university, the following degree will be issued:

Master in Education with a Specialty in Teacher Training