Doctorate in Projects with a Specialty in Research (DODP)

Doctorado en Proyectos con especialidad en Investigación (DODP)
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Society nowadays needs people who are able to cope with the many changes they face, due to the rapid advances in science, technology and the organizations and individuals, itself. To meet these challenges, training is necessary to provide a comprehensive and global systemic thinking, as well as and very formal in dealing with the processes of change.

Upon this backdrop, the Doctorate in Projects offers the preparation of people with a solid scientific and professional training. Providing a research-oriented profile and counts with an excellent academic level and a flexible curriculum design, to the extent that allows doctoral students to contribute to human, scientific and technological development of society. During the implementation of the program, the doctoral student will count with the support of tutors and thesis directors that facilitate the monitoring and academic performance of the programs, taking advantage of new technologies.



  1. Provide students with a solid scientific training, providing a profile of specialization in research and derived in a field of intensification in the area of project design.
  2. Teach in new and not so known environments in broad education contexts, enabling student to use acquired knowledge, analyze and evaluate, make decisions and solve problems to create, design and perform projects.
  3. Provide scientific research tools that enable the student to manage educational projects and conduct research or creative work, demonstrating mastery of the material in an ethical manner.


  1. Analyze the theory of projects, define the scope of the investigation, and identify the subject of the dissertation, objectives, assumptions and methodology; with the support of a professor/tutor to elaborate the proposal of the doctoral thesis.
  2. Provide solutions that contribute to human, scientific and technological development in the field of project design that enables a wider vision of the research line.
  3. Interpretation and analysis of the role of the people and the dimension of sustainability in the formulation and development of projects in order to realize them in his line of research.

Target Audience

Graduates in Master degree in any area of knowledge, that are engaged or wish to become part of the human capital with the capacity to develop, design, evaluate and manage solutions that have a positive impact on the development and quality of life of individuals and society by encouraging the development and economic growth.


Although it is a distance program, a collaborative and cooperative learning method is followed, therefore there is a specific date of initial of calls of specific subjects.

For academic and learning reasons, there is a minimum duration of the program of thirty-six months, depending on the development of the research project.

The maximum time available to carry out the program is 63 months. In this period of time, the student must have successfully completed all the activities evaluated, as well as the dissertation of his Doctoral Thesis.


Doctorate in Projects with a specialty in Research
Code Subject Academic Term Credits Hours
Phase I: Introduction Courses
DD070 Introduction to project management 1 Montha 2 30
TR038 Project planning and programming 1 Month 2 30
DD073 Project control 1 Month 2 30
DO005 Research Methodology I: Fundaments 3 Months 6 90
DO0014 Research Methodology II. Paradigms and Methods 1.5 Months 3 45
DD073 Research Seminar 1.5 Months 3 45
Total 9 Months 18 270
Phase II: Core Courses
DD026 Virtual collaborative work environments 0.5 Months 1 15
DD235 Introduction to the design of the project: from the conflict to the technical problem 1 Month 2 30
DD236 Design of solution-systems in the projects 1 Month 2 30
DD237 Service and conditions 1 Month 2 30
DD238 Solution-system: functional analysis in the project 1 Month 2 30
DO012 Transversal Workshop I 1 Month 2 30
DD239 Human resources roles in the project 1 Month 2 30
DD240 Project security and viability 1 Month 2 30
DD241 Environmental viability of the project 1 Month 2 30
DO013 Transversal Workshop III 1 Month 2 30
DD242 Project proposal: specifications 1 Month 2 30
DD243 Project draft 1.5 3 45
Total 1 Year 24 360
Phase III: Research
DO006 Research Work I 2 Months 5 75
DO007 Research Work II 2 Months 5 75
DO00248 Thesis proposal 8 Months 4 60
Total 1 Year 14 210
Phase IV: Thesis
DO009 Thesis development 30 Months 15 225
DO010 Thesis dissertation 10 150
Total 2.5 Year 25 375
Total 5 Years And 3 Months 81 1,215

Lines of Research

The doctorate program allows to course and work doctoral research within one of the following research lines guided by a study program:

  • Business Management and Development Management
  • Integrated projects
  • Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy
  • Architecture, Building and Urban Planning
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Communication in Projects
  • Industrial Organization and Technology
  • Touristic Management and Consultation
  • Health Projects
  • Environment, Quality and Prevention
  • Quality
  • Engineering
  • Industrial Technology


Doctorado en Proyectos con especialidad en Investigación


Upon completion of the program, the student will obtain the degree of Doctor of Projects with a specialty in Research, awarded by Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana.